2018-09-02 UPDATE

Every day EVO! Today’s special guest:Kane Blueriver / DBFZ others

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Hi Everyone!
I’m Fighter!WalkerGaming’s Tekken staffs. Don’t forget my name!
I would like to introduce for you that participants of Evo2018 from 3rd to 5th in August.
Today’s guest is Kane Bluriver!He can play many kinds of Battle game now who is awesome multiplayer if I was to say.

Ok Let’s start introduction!

Participate in EVO 2018! Kane Blueriver Introduction!

Player name: Kane Blueriver
Participation game: DBFZ, SFV, maybe Tekken 7, maybe GGXrd
main character(each game): DBFZ: For now, 16/Black/Vegeta, but looking to change it. SFV: Abigail, want to try Cody. Tekken 7: Geese, GGXrd: Ky

――who is your rival? Who would you like to play with EVO? And featured player.

kane:I don’t have a rival currently, since I haven’t encountered a player that I’ve lost to consistently. I’d like to play everyone! I’m always like that, of course if any high level player wants to play with me and teach me, that would make me very happy! Featured player… a few friends from my country that will go to EVO for SFV and DBFZ, I really want to see their results!


kane:Right now, to keep improving, becoming stronger. I’m too far from the level where I must be in the games I’m playing.

――What’s things to keep in mind when traveling abroad, things to watch out for.

kane:If it’s a training trip, make sure you have a good place to practice online so you can play even when you can’t be around other players. For tournaments, I think one important thing is to have good endurance having healthy food instead of something heavy.

――I would like to hear the final comments for your supporter.

kane:I’m very thankful for all the people that shows me support, especially here in Japan, so many people has showed me a lot of appreciation, and I would love to reply back in kind. I definitely need to study harder to improve my Japanese as well as my fighting game skill, and hopefully, by next time I can communicate with everyone and talk more about fighting games and life!

that’s all.
Kane, thank you very much for your interview during your busy schedule. EVO main battle, please do your best! !

So today, lets wrap it around here! Adios!

interview by Tekken Bancho (Jackller)



キング総会やその他鉄拳のイベントでタイガーマスクがいたらほぼ間違いなく私だと思います。 気軽にお声がけいただけると嬉しいです。イラスト:にくきゅう先生