2018-09-14 UPDATE

【EVENT REPORT】 Combined Fighting Game Battle Assembly(Japan`s first on hands experience, FIGHTING EX LAYER!)report【FEXL】

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Hi Everyone!
I am Fighter! WalkerGaming`s Tekken Specialist.
Today, I want to talk about the gaming event Combined Fighting Game Battle Assembly (格闘ゲーム複合対戦会) that was held on May 26th

So what is Combined Fighting Game Battle Assembly?

As per its name, it’s an event where one can experience and challenge others in multiple fighting game titles.
The available titles were:

・Tekken 7
・guilty gear xrd rev 2
・dragon ball fighterz
・FIGHTING EX LAYER (Playable Demo)

A lot of people came to the event, especially to try FIGHTING EX LAYER, as this was the first event in Japan where a playable demo was presented. Thank you very much to those who came to the event!

so this time, I want to compress the talk of the event to the FIGHTING EX LAYER demo!

So here it is, Japan`s first on hands experience, FIGHTING EX LAYER!
People of Arika Co., Ltd. Were also excited for this day, they came to set up for FIGHTING EX LAYER. they watched the reaction of the people who came to play seriously. I think they were worried about whether the game will be accepted by everyone. However, as soon as they saw the smiling face of the players, I understood that their worries were unnecessary.

Even though each player has their own impressions about the game, seems like they are consistently satisfied with the game itself. Even at this stage where player seem to enjoy the game considerably, the game itself will be adjusted further and some brush up will also be done.

Countless strategy! New System “Gougi” (強氣) !

An interesting part, and also where a lot of player`s voice was focused at were regarding the new system called “Gougi”.
There are 5 different “Gougi”, where each of them has five distinctive skills.

For example:

For those who want to attack aggressively.

· Rampage
Activation condition: deals 40 or more damage with one combo.
Effect: with longer combos, you will receive higher increase in attack power.

· Illusion
Activation condition: receive 300 damages in total.
Effect: You can escape while receiving a combo only once per round.

· Chip up
Activation condition: deals a cumulative 40 chip damage.
Effect: For each chip damage, the damage value increases by 1.

· Grab up
Invoke condition: execute normal throw 2.
Effect: Normal throwing range increases by 20%

· Eress blow
Activation condition: execute a total of 3 normal strong attacks.
Effect: normal strong attacks will have the ability to erase projectiles.

Also on the event other “Gougi” such as “Jaguar Note”, “Miracle”, “Shinobi”, and “Infinity” were also available to try.
On the final product, around 15 “Gougi” will be available!
It is so exciting to see what kind of “Gougi” will be available in the future!
“Miracle” and “Infinity” were the menacing ones at the event.
However, by combining “Gougi” according to the character, I got the impression that we could cope with the “Gougi” above.
you can confirm the detailed contents on this video.

So, as we said earlier, on the final version the type of usable “Gougi” will increase to 15 kinds, this information came from none other than Mr. Nishitani.
Yes, the father of Street Fighter II, Mr. Akira Nishitani came to ” Combined Fighting Game Battle Assembly “!

We also had an interview with the living legend!

Ms. Nishitani kindly visited us this time.

Mr. Nishitani became President and Representative Director of Arika Co., Ltd. in 1995. He is the creator of both Street Fighter II and final fight.
His existence is exactly like “God” for us Walker who walk the path of fighting games.
(I asked for a signature naturally without thinking on reaction…)

Although all of us are cowering in fear in front of the “God” who came, we were able to get an interview!
Thanks to that, I was able to hear very valuable stories.
Please be patient as detailed content of the interview will be posted separately.
The interview starts from around 3:39:00 in the video.
Mr. Nishitani, thank you very much for coming even though you have a busy schedule.


The event is still heating up after the interview! Have the strong ones discover new strategies?!

The interview is wrapping for now, and the event progress.
Suzuking and I finally have some free time, and most important we started to understand the game nature of FIGHTING EX LAYER (this is limited to the demo version) so I challenge commenting live!

When commenting on the new system “Gougi”, I focused on whether the players are able to utilize the system, it was very exciting!
Apparently it seems like you can “get the feel” for it.
The people of Arika Co., Ltd., who had come here, also smiled.
When they left they told me that they were glad that I commentate the game that way, as they found a new way to enjoy the game.
But for us what was interesting was the game itself, and as commentator we are just adding to what already been there.
Besides the depth of strategy in FIGHTING EX LAYER, it is also easy to operate, filled with attractive characters, these points which capture the player’s heart. If you try it, you will understand, that it can be explained easily in one word.


That word truly reflects this game.
The release date was also announced and I am looking forward to the release!
So today, lets wrap it around here! Adios!



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